LPG Iron

LPG Iron


Application Ironing Purpose
Pack Type Box
Is It Portable Portable
Condition New
Warrenty 1 Year
Body Material Metal
Brand Urja

Salient Features :

  • Works on low pressure LPG / Pipe gas / Natural gas
  • Faster rate of heating. Ironing of clothes possible within two minutes after start up.
  • Provision of temperature control to suit different types of clothes material.
  • Use of battery operated electronic spark ignition for burning the gas.
  • @ 5000 clothes can be pressed using one 19 kg commercial cylinder.
  • 3 -4 irons can be operated on one cylinder.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to operate.
  • As safe as a domestic gas stove.
  • Suitable for all variety of clothes.
  • Lowest operation & maintenance cost.
  • Highly economical compared to electric and coal iron.
  • Free from the nuisance of ash & smoke caused by using a coal iron.
  • Available in 14 lbs / 16 lbs / 18 lbs total weight.
  • Covered by one year warranty.

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Comparative Chart For Different Types Of Clothing Irons.

Parameters Electric Iron Coal Iron Gas Iron
Capital cost @ 4500/- @ 2000/- @ 9000/-
Energy Cost 0.90 / cloth 0.6 / cloth 0.4 / cloth
Safety Fear of electric Shock Fear of stains and burning of Cloth As safe as a gas stove
Initial heating Time 10 minutes 30 minutes 2 minutes
Heat control Fixed heating coil rating No control on heat Adjustable heat control
Aesthetics Decent Moderate Descent
Ease of operation Easy Tedious Easy
Serviceability Easy Easy Easy

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