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Vessel Composting

Vessel Composting

Product Details

Container Capacity 800 lit.
Waste processing Capacity 30 - 40 Kg / day
Main Motor Power input 3 Phase, 415 V AC, 1 HP, 1440 RPM, Flange mounted
Chopper Motor Power input 3 Phase, 415 V AC, 1 HP, 2880 RPM, Flange mounted
Material of construction M.S. Vessel with fiber lining from inside. Other parts in M.S. Powder coating
Gear motor reduction ratio 60:1
Arrangement for m/c movement 4” Castor wheels(2 swiveling & 2 fixed)
Operating control Control panel with ‘AUTO/MANUAL’ mode with timer
Overall Dimensions(L x W x H in mm) 3200 x500 x 1100
Approximate Net Weight 150 Kg

Principle of operation:
In vessel composting system comprises of a fixed vessel with a number of sections and a centrally placed rotating agitator. The entry section comprises of built in chopper assembly. Each section is provided with perforations at the bottom. The high power blower removes the water vapour and other organic gases generated during the composting process and allow fresh air to enter from the bottom of the vessel. This provides the necessary oxygen for the microbes. Moreover the agitation along with air flow, removes the extra moisture present in the waste material and thus prevents formation of anaerobic pockets inside the waste material.
Initially the specified quantity of organic waste is fed into the mixing chamber at the entry side, along with 10 to 15% of saw dust and microbial culture, where the waste material gets finely chopped and homogenously mixed. On the second day, the process is repeated and the first day’s mixture is pushed forward to the next compartment and so on. Urja in vessel composter has a series of compartments through which the material moves forward. This feature separates the fresh waste material from the semi composted material. Thus the material which comes out from the last compartment attains maximum maturity.


The control panel of the system is provided with a ‘AUTO / MANUAL’ switch mode. During the daily operations, initially the material is fed into the machine and the machine is operated in manual mode for 3 to 5 minutes for chopping & mixing of the fresh material and in turn pushes the already semi composted material in the next compartment. After this, the machine is switched to ‘AUTO’ mode. The cyclic timer provided in the control panel, provides the flexibility to set the machine ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ time as required. Normally the machine ‘ON’ time varies from 1 to 2 minutes and the machine ‘OFF’ time varies from 4 to 6 hours. Thus the power consumption is kept to the minimum (@ 0.5 units/day). The cyclic timer in the control panel controls the frequency of agitation and circulation of fresh air though the vessel at predetermined time interval throughout the day. The peculiarity of the equipment is that, it does not need electrical heaters for reduction of moisture, since special provision is given at the entry side, to remove the excess moisture present in the waste material. The heat generated from the composting process is retained inside the vessel and in turn at the end of @ one week, the finished compost attains maturity and is collected from outlet chute.


Salient Features:
• Compact design.
• Automatic operations.
• Easy to maintain.
• Provision of limit switches for operator safety.
• No need of additional curing system and electrical heaters.
• Minimum power consumption.
• Compost maturity within 7 days.
• Virtually odorless by provision of bio filter.

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